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 Moving Prices

All moves come with small surcharge.

All moves come with a 2 - 4 /HR Minimum. 

The value of our work far out way our price.

Moving Prices With Our Truck

A one-time surcharge will be applied, ranging from $60 up to $100

3 Fast  Movers/Truck - $110/hourly

4 Fast Movers/Truck - $140/hourly

5 Fast Movers/Truck - $180/hourly

6 Fast Movers/ 2 Trucks - $260/hourly

Moving Prices With Your Own Truck or Rented Pod

A one-time surcharge will be applied to range from $30 to $60s .

2 Fast Movers - $75/hourly

3 Fast Movers - $90/hourly

5 Fast Movers - $130/hourly

6 Fast Movers - $150/hourly 

We also do flat rates. Flat rates are set after obtaining detailed information or Video of all items to be moved, distance of move, walking distance, elevator/stairs, amount of items to be assembled/disassembled, items to be wrapped, and amount of estimated hours. ​The Right Moving Team provides superior services at cost-efficient rates. We are deeply rooted in customer satisfaction. 

The Right Moving Team  Moved This 1000 lbs.  Word Press made for Printing over a 100years old.
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