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 Moving tips you are going to love and need.

Do you want a faster move and save more money? Then pack heavier things in smaller boxes. In most cases its faster and easier for movers to move 50 lighter boxes than 30 Heavy ones. Dissemble your furniture, have boxes taped up right. Have all dressers, night stands, desk, T.V stands ect. cleared off.

Not trying to be rude, we mean this in the most nice way. Its hard to give a customer a full service move if they don't have the money for a full service move. I myself like to save so I would disassemble my own furniture if I had to I hire some movers. 

If You Know it took you and 4 of your friends that are not getting paid, not really worried a lot about breaking things moved you from a elevator building maybe into another in 2 hours, let your movers know. You also cant expect for them to do the same with your glass wear or awkward furniture. Lets your movers know these thing, so they can be prepared. Also if you are moving from a outside storage, or things have been sitting someplace for years with spiders, rats, snakes, grass a feet high, mud no electricity etc. Let your movers know. So they can come prepared if not it will prolong your move.

If you are getting a over the phone quote/estimate from a mover, or trying to find out how long your move will take and cost. Here are some questions the movers should ask. How many bedrooms? List of all furniture needing to dissembled and reassembled, carefully shrink wrapped with blankets. Was there anything difficult in our out in doing your last move, if you can remember. How many awkward items, what are your 5 heaviest items How many boxes, bags, suit cases and totes. Also small items like heaters, fans, plants and decorated items etc. How many stairs. How far is the walking distance from the door to the truck. A good way to measure, I like to ask my costumers if they have time. Just walk from their front door, to where the trucks ramp will land. Counting each step, If furniture is coming from a back door, or basement then start counting from there. Most people will realize that their move wont be as fast as they may have thought. Without asking these question its hard for a mover to quote you over the phone? 

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